Vadym Iermolaiev’s plant “OSCAR” achieved record-breaking results in production of tubular goods
056  16 May 2019

Production group “OSCAR” set own records upon several indications in the first quarter of 2019.

According to February results, 210 thous. of meters of tubular goods from stainless, titanium and nickel alloys were shipped at the plant. And already according to March results, the plant came to consistent production of 200 thous. meters for the first time. This is increase by 170% as relating to the first quarter of 2018 and by 110% as relating to fourth quarter.

Investment program of shareholder of the enterprise Vadym Iermolaiev enabled to start the contractual test run of redesigned mill KPW25 in March. Redesign of the equipment lasted during the entire 2018.

Moreover, completely new rolling mill of type KPW25 was delivered to the plant in March of this year. Currently, we prepare for its assembly. Commissioning of the equipment is scheduled for May of this year.

Volume of production at the plant will be able to achieve 300 thousands of meters already in the third quarter of this year after commissioning of two new mills. This will increase the production by 200% as relating to third quarter of previous year.

Increase in volumes of production also enabled to improve the working conditions of employees and to raise the salaries. Turnover rate of personnel at the plant decreased almost twice.

“We plan to provide our customers with even more qualitative products and services within the next six months due to these changes”, Anatolii Khaetskyi, CEO of Production group “OSCAR” pointed out.