Vadym Yermolaiev’s Factory will offer a possibility of internships for students- programmers
Экономическая правда  1 April 2019

Vadym Yermolaiev’s Dental Implants Factory will fight against unemployment among young people.

The ABM Technology Plant has signed the Pact for Youth and undertook to improve the quality of education and affect the employment prospects of the students and young professionals with no work experience.

By the Student’s Day, the plant invited future specialists of technical faculties for an internship. After studying at the factory, these students will have an opportunity to work at the enterprise.

Most interns are future programmers, because at such enterprises they are needed not less than machine operators. Each process at the plant includes a software component: starting mechanical processing and ending with the finished product release.

Interns will learn to work with highly-accurate Japanese equipment. They will be able to develop software for TSUGAMI CNC machines. Such equipment requires highly qualified programmers, who can accurately translate developer’s data into a computer code.

Digital technologies are also used in inspecting the product for its compliance with specified dimensions and during implants final processing.

At our Plant, we believe this experience will help students become demanded specialists and get promising work in Ukraine.

“We understand that the most effective education is a combination of theory and practice. Such a system is called dual education system. Students with practical experience become potentially valuable employees.

Such internships are beneficial for us. It is difficult to find ready-made specialists for such an atypical enterprise for Ukraine, as ours. Therefore, it is most reasonable to teach them right out of school. They get a prestigious job, and we acquire young and qualified employees”, Ihor Tsyrkin the ABM Technology General Director.