Vadym Yermolayev is in the rating “100 richest people of Ukraine 2021. Focus rating”
Фокус  2 November 2021

Alef Corporation of Dnipro businessman Vadym Yermolayev unites more than ten independent businesses in various industries.

First of all Yermolaev is known as one of the leading Dnipro developers, he is involved in the construction of such city landmarks as “Most-City”, Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard and others. Today the Alef Estate developer is implementing an ambitious project of IFC Ermolaev Center, which the company compares with the City of London.

Ermolaev also owns a Miroplast plant which produces profiles for plastic windows and is a leader in the Ukrainian market. Its products are exported to 13 countries. Corporation also includes the OSCAR pipe plant which delivers its production to more than 20 countries. One of Yermolaev’s new businesses is the ALLCOMP plant which produces thermoplastic granules for use in construction, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. The plans are to build an oilseeds processing plant in the Khmelnytsky region, similar to the Potoky enterprise already operating in the Dnipro. Since 2020 Proglot protein concentrate, a feed for farm animals, has been produced there in addition to vegetable oil. As well as at the Dnipro enterprise, the bioelectric power station working on pellets from sunflower husk will be built at the new plant.