“We will struggle“, Vadym Iermolaiev says about renovation of building on Troitska str.
Мост-Днепр  16 May 2019

Businessman and well-known developer of Dnipro city Vadym Iermolaiev commented on situation with renovation of building on 5 Troitska str. He said that he is the investor of restoration, but completion of construction is prohibited for years.

He said about in on his Facebook page.

“I started to invest the renovation of this building in 2005. It is high time for this building to beautify our city. But alas! We are prevented from completion of restoration for years”.

Vadym Iermolaiev said that building renovation project includes not only the historic face reconstruction, but also the construction of many-storeyed complex. He pointed out that none investor would take on this project under other conditions.

Vadym Iermolaiev already implemented the similar facilities before. Developers were able to keep the historic face of the building, having inserted it into the modern complex from glass and concrete harmonically during construction of business centre “Prizma”.

However, two inhabitants of adjoining houses raised objections to construction of many-storeyed building on 5 Troitska str.; they believe that construction may do harm to their dwelling.

However, the performed expert examination proved that there is no probability of causing damage to adjoining houses.

“The expertise proved that there is no adverse effect of construction. However, activists were not satisfied. They file claims with the courts of various levels, they lose, they file appeals, they lose again, they file claims with various courts again for years. Meanwhile construction is at a stop, and the building destroys gradually…”, investor wrote.

Businessman pointed out that implementation of this project is advantageous for all parties.

троицкая 5

“But we might reconstruct the piece of architecture a long time ago. We might allot 420 square meters for housing fund of the city; we might not to do harm to the inhabitants of adjoining houses, but to improve the territory and to make a gift for Dnipro in the form of another sightseeing attraction instead. This is advantageous for all”, Vadym Iermolaiev points out.

Investor declared that struggle for this building endures.