Yermolaiev’s Innovative Plant For The Manufacture Of Dental Implants Will Fight Against The Brain Drain
Деловая столица  1 April 2019

ABM Technology the Medical Instrument and Dental Implant Factory has signed the Pact for Youth, initiated by the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development.

The project is implemented with the assistance of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The signatories to the Pact will fight against unemployment among young people, the level of which has already reached 18% (among people aged 15-24) as of September 2018. The signatory enterprises undertake to provide the first jobs for young specialists.

The ABM Technology Plant will not only be able to create new jobs for young
people, but also to train the highly qualified staff. One of the obligations taken by the signatories to the Pact is the provision of high-quality internship programs. The main indicator of the internships quality is the acquisition of practical skills and experience. The ABM Technology Plant has a unique base for it. The production employs modern world technologies; the Plant is equipped with the latest Japanese machine tool stations equipped with numerical program control system and Swiss technologies. All the factory units have been released after year 2017. The work on such equipment can become a valuable experience for young specialists.

“As the plant for the production of dental implants is not a typical enterprise for Ukraine, we find it difficult to seek for qualified personnel. Therefore, we contribute to their training: we organize training programs in Europe, consultations with Japanese specialists, etc.

“The Pact for Youth is very interesting for us, as we are looking for young, self-motivated employees” – Ihor Tsyrkin, the General Director of the ABM Technology said.

Internship and further employment at such innovative enterprises would enable young people to realize their intellectual potential without leaving Ukraine.

The Plant representatives note that they are waiting for goal-oriented young people wishing to improve their skills and abilities in order to take part in the internship programs:

“We do not wait until clock out” at our production. We set ourselves challenges, resolve ambitious tasks and are constantly moving towards achieving our goals” – Ihor Tsyrkin said.

The Pact for Youth provides that not only CNC machine operators, but also future chemical industry workers, engineers, and quality managers will have an internship at the ABM Technology Plant.